General Bonus Rules


As Bahisal, our priority is to provide world-class service to our valued members. Being one of the most reliable betting brands in the eyes of our members since our establishment gives us pride and determination to provide better service. In this context, we offer our members the most admired, most profitable, and real user-friendly campaigns based on the needs and demands of betting lovers that enable them to experience Bahisal better.


The terms below are the general terms of the campaigns announced by Bahisal. If there is a situation that contradicts the rules below in a special campaign, the special conditions of that special campaign&event will apply.

Two different bonuses cannot be used at the same time in Bahisal. A different bonus can be activated after the cycle of a bonus is completed or if the bonus balance runs out (with no bets left in the open status).

To participate in any investment bonus, loss bonus, or other types of campaigns, a minimum investment of 50₺ must have been already made. You can get information from our support team to learn about the minimum investment amount required for other currencies.

In bonus campaigns where conversion is required, if the bonus balance ends before the total amount of the cycle is completed, the remaining conversion amount continues over the main balance.

Only one campaign can be used for each investment transaction at Bahisal. If the investment bonus has been used after an investment transaction, the discount (loss bonus) campaign right will be deemed invalid if the current balance is lost.

Users who have made withdrawals within 24 hours prior to the investment transaction cannot benefit from the online and offline investment bonus campaigns.

The loss bonus calculation is based on profit and loss. When financial transactions are calculated in the last 24 hours, members who are in profit cannot benefit from the instant loss bonus.

If a loss occurs with bets with only a 1 to 2 probability of winning, the loss bonus right will be voided.

The bonuses the conversion of which is not completed within 15 days and the winnings from these bonuses will be void.

Special bonuses & event bonuses terms of which are not specified are subject to the principal conversion requirement.


Bahisal reserves the right to exclude a certain user, user group, or region from any campaign. It reserves the right to request identification, address information, and document from a user when deemed necessary and to cancel earnings and close the user account in case the documents are not provided by the user within the requested time.

If the identity information declared by the member belongs to another person or does not reflect the truth, Bahisal has the right to block the relevant player account indefinitely and to void the balance. If an incorrect entry was made during registration, the Bahisal support line should be informed before any financial transaction is made. It is the user's responsibility to check the accuracy of user information.

All campaigns published in Bahisal are to ensure that the Bahisal brand is experienced by all users. In cases where Bahisal finds that any campaign it has announced has been abused, someone attempted to make an unfair gain, and the General Terms and Conditions have been violated, it has the right to terminate the memberships participating in the fraudulent activity and to cancel their earnings.

In case of detection of accounts in the following situations, Bahisal does not make any payments for the earnings obtained from any of its campaigns:

  • Use of the same Bahisal account by different persons
  • Accounts belonging to the same household, family, or group
  • Accounts with the same registration IP or log in with the same IP
  • Multiple accounts with the same personal information
  • Multiple accounts belonging to the same person