Financial Operations


Bahisal has succeeded in offering a variety of payment service providers to its users, and thanks to its distinguished payment partners around the world, it ensures that you enjoy the games in the safest way.

You can see the list of current payment methods of Bahisal by clicking the "Deposit" button after logging into your Bahisal account.

Bahisal's main payment methods are:

  • Express Wire Transfer
  • Express QR
  • Express Cepbank
  • Express Pay
  • Express Papara
  • Express CMT Wallet
  • Express Payfix
  • Express Credit/Debit Card
  • Express Bitcoin

You can visit the detailed "How to Invest" page to find out how to invest using any payment provider. This button at the top of the home page will direct you to the relevant page.


At Bahisal, financial transactions are carried out at a speed above world standards. In this way, our company keeps the confidence and satisfaction of its customers at the highest level.

Withdrawals are very fast and easy at Bahisal. You can easily withdraw money into your account using one of the payment methods available with just a few simple clicks.

On the page that opens after successively clicking the My Account > Withdrawal tabs, there are payment methods that allow withdrawals.

Click the Withdraw Money button on the right side of the method you wish to choose. You will see the types of currencies available in the window that opens. After completing your transaction by following the instructions, your withdrawal request will be forwarded to our finance team.

To make withdrawals at Bahisal, a verification process must be completed for the user account.

The information you provide on the withdrawal request form at Bahisal must match the personal information registered in the user account. Withdrawals you request on behalf of private or legal persons other than the account holder will be rejected.

After making an investment at Bahisal, it is not possible to withdraw money before making bets. To make a withdrawal, the main currency conversion conditions must be completed in at least one type of bet. If you complete the main currency conversion condition of at least one type of bet, it is okay to bet on other areas. In this case, no additional main currency conversion is required. You can review the Bahisal General Terms section on the Promotions page to learn the main currency conversion conditions by types of bet.

Bahisal users can create a withdrawal request of up to TRY 20,000 at a time. The total amount of withdrawals permitted within the same day is a maximum of 20,000 TRY. This number may vary for memberships with VIP status.

Bahisal users can make 2 (two) withdrawal requests within the same day as they wish; there is no limitation on the number of withdrawal requests for the same day.

Unless otherwise specified, the payment method by which withdrawals can be made must be the same as the payment method used for the member's last deposit.

You should make your first withdrawal only with Papara, Bank Transfer or Payfix payment methods.

About ATM withdrawal requests and ATM transaction fee deductions

At Bahisal, if you wish to complete your withdrawal transaction via ATM, you must specify "ATM - your bank's name" in the bank name section of the bank transfer withdrawal request form. We would like to remind you that your withdrawal transaction will be completed via wire transfer if you do not share this information with us.

At Bahisal, transaction fees of your withdrawal requests via ATM are transferred to your Bahisal user account. As of 2020, no payments will be made for fees less than 5TRY.

Unless otherwise stated, if the withdrawal of the earnings from personal trial bonuses, special campaigns, or event bonuses are requested via ATM, the ATM transaction fee will not be covered by Bahisal.

About Fraud Measures

All campaigns published in Bahisal are to ensure that the Bahisal brand is experienced by all users. In cases where Bahisal finds that any campaign it has announced has been abused, someone attempted to make an unfair gain, and the General Terms and Conditions have been violated, it has the right to terminate the memberships participating in the fraudulent activity and to cancel their earnings.

In case of detection of accounts in the following situations, Bahisal does not make any payments for the earnings obtained from any of its campaigns:

  • Use of the same Bahisal account by different persons
  • Accounts belonging to the same household, family, or group
  • Accounts with the same registration IP or log in with the same IP
  • Multiple accounts with the same personal information
  • Multiple accounts belonging to the same person