What is the Affiliate Program

It is a partnership program that pays you commission at a certain rate for the memberships created at Bahisal by being directed from various (banner, link, etc.) marketing tools, from your own website, social media, etc. By participating in the affiliate program, you can earn a profit from each member who registers with your reference and generates income.

Bahisal Affiliate Program

By joining the affiliate program, you get a unique link. When members who register through this link play at Bahisal, you earn a certain percentage of the earned income. There is no limit to the amount of earnings that Bahisal partners can make. The more income from your references, the more you earn.

Participation in the affiliate program is completely free. If you have a stake in promoting our brand, which is our common goal, we are happy to pay for your help and effort. Thanks to the easy and user-friendly management panel that Bahisal Affiliate program will provide you, you can start earning by creating your marketing tools in seconds.

When a player registration is created through the marketing tools you have created, this player is added to your affiliate account. In the event that the player account generates an income for the website, your share will be transferred to your affiliate account according to your commission rate. You can browse our affiliate program page for commission rates and contact the affiliate program officials.

Thanks to your affiliate management panel, you can follow the statistics of your account instantly, develop marketing strategies, and carry out special projects in accordance with your potential by contacting our experienced team.

At the statement date at the beginning of each month, your affiliate progress payment is added to your balance. You may withdraw the amount in your balance at any time by creating a request. You may make your withdrawal with any of the current payment providers of Bahisal.

The communication channels that you can contact our expert team are available on our Bahisal Affiliate Program website if you wish to learn about the commission details of the affiliate program, to discuss the special projects you want to carry out as an experienced affiliate, or to determine the most suitable marketing strategies for you if it is your first affiliate experience. Bahisal offers a management panel that provides reliable instant statistics and a long-term, unlimited earnings Affiliate Program with high commission rates.